How to search for massage on the app

Well, it is easy to search for massage on the app. And find the massage therapists that you need. All you need is the Massage App installed from the Google Play repository. This Android application is totally free of charge to download and there are no membership fees either.

To be able to search for massage listings and massage providers you need to register an account as a customer (client) user. That means that you are seeking massage services but not providing a service.

On the client dashboard you will see a list of most searched for cities in Asia and the rest of the world. Also there is a search bar where you could input your desired location. At the moment there is a search for massage only based on location. The search results will be listed with most recent ads on top. (As in the image below.)

How to contact the massage providers

After performing the search by city, the massage ads results listed will open when tapped on. The provider profile page will show the profile photo (if added by the user), the location where the provider lists the service, username and the types of booking accepted. All of the therapists can be contacted by email via a booking form. Additionally, the business may add a phone number for direct calls, SMS messages or can even be contacted via a WhatsApp number.

The profile details are shown in the image below.

Search for massage on the web site

The latest search results and profiles can be viewed also on the web version of the app. The web site only shows the last 50 massage ads sorted in a descending manner. Each profile can be viewed individually. However, there is no contact option on the web as of now. To contact the recipients one must download and install the Android App. However, in the future we want to offer more booking options and we are working on adding web functionality.

In the image below we can see a screenshot of the latest ads displayed on the website. The web site shares the same data as the app hence the lists are identical. Additional results can be browsed at the following URL addresses:

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Massage Listings in Kuala Lumpur

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