Massage Open app connects massage seekers (potential clients) and massage therapists.

See the example below:

1. Massage therapist "Flower Hands" signs up on "Massage Open" and posts a massage service in Hong Kong.

2. Massage seeker Leo from Kuala Lumpur signs up to find a massage in Hong Kong. Leo travels to Hong Kong, opens the app, and finds the "Flower Hands" massage service listed.

3. User Leo now can chat with Hong Kong massage providers, order service directly, and leave a public review on the provider's page.

4. Leo can also add his own massage request in Hong Kong or any other city. Massage providers will see his requests and send massage offers via private chat.

When a user (massage provider or client) sends a chat message to another user notification will be sent to email and/or smartphone. Notifications can be turned on and off anytime.

For the massage (pijat) users in Indonesia, find out how to register for the massage app.

Attached below is a screenshot with massage listings (both providers and massage seekers).