Registering as a massage provider

Are you a massage therapist? You can add your massage listings very easy. And fast!

What you need to do is:

1. Click to install Massage App from Google Android Play

2. Register your account FREE in 20 seconds.

3. You will be prompted to add the location where you provide massage services. See the attached screenshot.

4. You could verify your phone number for customers to call or text you. This is optional.

5. You could add a profile image. This step is also optional.

The following screenshot shows how to enter and save the location of the massage service:

The following screenshot show the listing details such as Massage Type selection and how to Upload a Profile Image.

THAT IS ALL. Now all the users that sign-up as customers will see your listing.

Registering as a massage customer

Following the steps 1 and 2 above you will be logged in. Once inside, the dashboard will let you search for massage ads at certain set locations. Alternatively you can search location by name. When locating a massage therapists that corresponds to your criteria you have the following contact options at your disposal:

a. Making a massage booking request. This will let you fill a booking form with a time, date, phone number and a message area.

b. Optionally, certain massage providers will post their phone numbers. In such cases you will be able to call or send a text (SMS) message.

c. Also, in certain cases, the massage therapists will verify their WhatsApp numbers and you could contact them via that method.

What is a massage app and how does it work?

The massage app is basically a database of therapists in various locations. This allows clients and service providers to connect in the middle with the use of the search and contact functions.

When the customer user fills in a booking request the message is being sent via email to the provider. At the same time the provider receives a push notification on the smartphone. The massage booking request is being listed below:

1. Date of the massage request

2. Time of the massage request

3. Phone number

4. Location (city/town) of the massage service

5. Any additional comments

Do find a screenshot of the booking request form below.

If you're looking for comprehensive documentation, we're still working on that. However, the Massage App presentation on the homepage gives a better overview of the app structure. There is an FAQ with various questions asked by the users and a short lists of testimonials. Also here is a short article that present a specific situation where you might need to use the app.

How to close account and erase data

We respect your privacy and we have implemented tools that let you close your account and delete all personal data. Read here the article on how to close your account at Massage App.